World: Rewind 2017

Another year came to an end and it is reflecting time. 2017 was all about great outdoor adventures. Going out with the tent in Norway, hiking great trails in Madeira, walking on the path of Star Wars in Ireland and being back to heaven in Iceland.

But it was also a start of new things, trying to include more outdoor activities in the daily life with starting Mounting biking with a club and training for the Though Mudder run. It was all about getting out of the comfort zone and trying something new.


Outdoor Dream – Madeira

Madeira was everything but not what I was expecting it to be. It was very green, had a mild temperature 20-25 degrees in December/January and the best hiking paths. It is just an outdoor dream.

Hiking paradise – Norway

Norway is a hiking paradise. There are several amazing national parks that offers day and multi day hikes. We just flew there and picked our camping places as we go. 2 places that stayed with me were the Jotunheimen National Park and the Jostedalsbreen Nation Park.

A glimpse of Oxford

I had the chance to explore a bit of Oxford, mainly the traditional food and beer.

In love with Ireland

Ireland was on my bucket list for years and this year we finally made it. And it was even more beautiful that I could have ever image it. Especially the Wild Atlantic Way stuck in my head.

Day trip in Bangalore

I had the chance to be in Bangalore on the Independence Day of India. At this day the streets are filled with people and a lot of festivities are going on.

Back to heaven – Iceland

Even the fourth time around, I am still in love with this country. Its unique landscape, the rough terrain, the wild weather and its outdoor heart. This time we explored the West-fjord region.

Starting something new – Mountain biking

The last 10 years I was biking already a lot but mostly touring routes and day or multi day trips. This year I wanted to enjoy the nature even a bit more and decided to start mountain biking. With that I joined a local club and started beginner technical courses, as well as a once a week biking tour.

Concur your fear – Though Mudder Run

As this year was all about new things, I followed a colleague who was asking around about joining his Though Mudder team. What can I say, it was super fun. If you like the outdoors, trail running and obstacle challenges: this will be your thing. 

Hiking in Germany

With great hiking places nearby, this year was also full of hikes in the black forest and Palatinate.

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