World: Rewind 2016

As 2016 is coming to and end, it is time to reflect on it. The year was mainly splitted between Europe and Asia activities.

The main trip this year was to Mongolia, which was another experiences but not the one we been expecting it to be. The road trip consists mainly of driving and less of hiking. Also, hiking path are  mostly horse riding paths in Mongolia.

Another take away of the year was for me that Europe is beautiful. Everything for an outdoor heart is lying ride in our backyards. There is not always the need to go far the search of a great outdoor experiences, it is right in front of us.

Living like a nomad – Mongolia

With this trip I am still torn. On the one hand it was a unique experience to camp in a Yurt but on the other hand it was disappointing about the hiking possibilities. But we take it as another travel experience that showed us a new culture and another way of life.

The amazing Dolomites – Italy

Visiting the Dolomites was on my bucket list forever. I never understood why I did not take chances to go there, as it is only a 4 hours drive from Germany. In 2016, we finally made it and it was really amazing. Endless hiking opportunities, stunning mountain views and amazing Italian food. It is clear, that we need to be back in one point of time.

Back to the south – Germany

There is always time to take a longer weekend off for a gorge trip in the Bavaria Region of Germany.

The colorful India

Even that I do not share this huge excitement about India, as it is for me way to crowded, there were a couple of sides I would like to see. With this short trip I saw old Delhi, the Taj Mahal, Fatehpur-sikri and Jaipur.

Outdoor dream – Madeira

I had not expectation going to Madeira. But I was so positively surprised by this green island with its endless hiking paths and stunning scenery. It is an outdoor paradise.

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