World: Rewind 2018

As the year 2018 is coming to an end, there is always time to reflect on the year and what has been the memories that will stay. This year was marked by big travel events – a new continent Africa and going back to Patagonia. Especially Patagonia I was waiting for 3 years to go back to. I studied in the meantime a lot of Spanish, in order to be prepared.

Besides the travel there was a lot of hiking and biking planned for the year. Sadly the anticipation was mitigated by the way too hot summer (Mai until September mostly 30 – 38 degree) and my bad bike accidents. But we made up for it in October and November when the weather was cooler, and I was fully recovered. So whatever life will through at you, try to make the best of it  🙂

A new continent – Africa (South Africa)

I was very surprised by this country. So much green, amazing hikes, dream locations and wild animals. South Africa had it all. When picturing a travel tour in South Africa I thought about middle-aged people driving around in a full organized bus tour. In some points this is still true but it does not have to be that way. It is totally save to rent a car in South Africa. It is not even necessary to rent a 4×4 wheel drive, a normal car is just fine. It also works in the national parks. No need to book any organized tour or safari.

Far away France – La Réunion

La Réunion was for us a most anticipated destination. Sadly the weather did not cooperate that much with us during our stay. We had mostly rain, but we tried to make the best of it. The whole trip was mostly limited to stay at the beach sides. Nether the less the hikes we took been amazing. The island is green and has amazing landscapes especially in the central highlands.

My first bikepark – Beerfelden

After starting mountain biking I always wanted to try out a bike park in order to improve my technical level. The visit of the bike park in Beerfelden was terrifying but totally worth it.

Hiking in Germany

Having the black forest in the backyard, there is always a hike to find. Even that this meant in this year’s European summer to wake up really early in order to have some cooler temperatures.

A few moments in California

A stop over in California. Not bad, only to less time to really explore the area.

Back on the bike after my bike accident

Recklessness comes before the fall. I got a bit to confident on the bike and hit a jump, that I did before a couple of times, too hard and got the answer for that – emergency department, stitching, no biking for 5 weeks. Nether the less, incidents like that bring us back to being more careful with us as a person.

Back to heaven – Patagonia

During our amazing Patagonia adventure in 2015 I fall in love with this place. Already back then I knew I wanted to be back to this place. In 2018, we finally made that happen. Main theme of the time in Patagonia was: “It will not get any better than that.” But guess what it came better, every day. It was just an amazing time. A dream location and one day we will be back may by driving the whole Ruta 40 in Argentina or visiting the end of the world in Ushuaia and go on expedition ship to Antarctic.

A special wine hike

One of the special autumn hikes in the Kaiserstuhl region. The region is mainly known for its wine which makes it attractive to hike in the area.

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