Thailand: Hua Hin Night Bazaar

After we visited the Wat Khao Takiap, a Hilltop Buddhist temple with a long stairway and a  scenic sea views, we wanted to end the day with the Night Bazaar in Hue Hin visit. We jumped into a group tuk-tuk and got a 30 minutes ride to the Bazaar. In case of sharing a tuk-tuk, the tuk-tuk will stop for people on the way who are waving for a transportation. This is a nice and cheap way to get around and getting some local feeling.

The market is small and holds a combination of food, fruits, souvenirs and clothes. It opens around 6 pm and close around 12pm. It is a great opportunity to see local lifestyle, as many locals eat there. As the vendors did not spoke much English we only went for some sweet snack. It was some kind of dumping made of evaporated milk with some powdered sugar on top.

In case of buying something, always negotiate the price. Normally the first offer is twice what it is at the end. Even if you do not want to eat or buy something, it is just a great place to wander around and allow impression to take effect.

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