Thailand: Grand Palace a magical place

The visit of the Grand Palace is a must when visiting Bangkok. It is a beautiful place full of traditional statues, temples and phras. Our first stop before entering the Grand Palace complex was the Tha Tian Market. As the day was hot, my clothes were too short for being able to enter the complex.

The dress code for the complex include to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants. In case you are not prepared, it is possible to rent or buy clothes at the Tha Tian Market in front of the Grand Palace entrance.

It is easy to go around in the complex without a guide, as there is a map handed out with the entry ticket. Nether the less it is nice to have a guide who can explain the history details about the place.

Be prepared that even in the huge complex there are a lot of crowds and getting pictures without people in it is a hard task. Nether the less it is a nice complex with much diversity.

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