Ireland: Breakfast, Beer & Pubs

When traveling to Ireland, at least once try the traditional Irish breakfast is a must. Even that it is more of a lunch or diner kind of food, I was completely surprised how good it was. I even tried the black and white pudding, which actually tasted really nice. Traditional Irish Breakfast: 1 egg 2 sausages bacon black and white pudding baked beans 1 tomato mushrooms (potatoes) Tip: This is the…

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Ireland: The Moorings & Bridge Bar (Star Wars)

Where to park: The Moorings & Bridge Bar, Portmagee, County Kerry, Ireland - parking can be done at the side of the road. Tip: This bar was visited by Mark Hamill during the filming of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Honestly he was only there for 1 day, because this was the day with the best weather for filming the scene between Luke Skypwalker and Rey on Skellig Michael Island. Food:…

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England: Some afternoons in Oxford

During my last business trip I was lucky to enjoy some afternoons in Oxford. The city is only 80 km away from London and a one-hour drive away from the Heathrow airport. Mostly it is known for the University of Oxford, the oldest university in the English-speaking world. During my stay I was in a hotel at the river Thames. It was nice to have a walk or a jogging round…

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Thailand: Hua Hin Night Bazaar

After we visited the Wat Khao Takiap, a Hilltop Buddhist temple with a long stairway and a  scenic sea views, we wanted to end the day with the Night Bazaar in Hue Hin visit. We jumped into a group tuk-tuk and got a 30 minutes ride to the Bazaar. In case of sharing a tuk-tuk, the tuk-tuk will stop for people on the way who are waving for a transportation. This…

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China: Hot Pot

Hot Pot is another great food experience in China that should not be missed. It is a cooking method with a metal pot in the middle of the table. The pot holds a soup that is simmering. In it rare vegetable and meat will be cooked. First thing to do is to order the vegetable and meat that you want to cook. We ordered a yingyang hotpot with two broths. The…

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China: How to order traditional food?

No English menu As in many cities of China English is not a spoken and written language, it is also reflected in the menus of restaurant.Which makes it particularly difficult to order something. On top of that, even with having pictures of the food, I was not always able to say what it is. (In case someone can tell me what is on the right picture, please leave a comment on…

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China: Peking duck

One dish that should not be missed, during a China visit, is the Peking duck. Especially the traditional preparation is much different from what you get in Europe under the same name. Usually this dish needs to be per-ordered one or days before, as the preparation will take some time. The dish come with several plates: thin, crisp skin pan cakes vegetables sauce soup with the meat of the duck How…

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China: Cuisine (Part 1)

The Chinese food alone is worth the travel. From dumplings, spring rolls, chicken, glass noddles and much more. See some yummy food examples I tried during my time in China. Fish soup with herbs Glass noddles in a black chili sauce Tofu with a vegetable sauce Corn bites with sweet sauce Complete fish in a mild sauce Glass noddles with beans Sweet mango in jelly Fried tofu with a sweet sauce…

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China: Cuisine (Part 2)

Some more food compilation from my time in China. Every meal was yummy and special on it own way. From vegetables, over meat and fish, to desserts. I can only encourage to try it all.  Spinach with ginger Beans and corn. Fried corn bites with a creamy sweet sauce Octopus and vegetables Fish in a creamy sauce Pure shellfish Muscles with spices. Beans with herbs Fish Sticks Crab with herbs Dumplings…

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Nepal: Nepali Food

In Nepal, it is possible to eat a lot of delicious Nepali Food. Starting with the starter Momos, the Dal-bhat-tarkari, Thali Nepalese Style or traditional Indian food. Momo - is a type of Dumpling with vegetarian or meat feeling. In order to each over lunch something light, this is the perfect dish. Usually it is served with some kind of sauce e.g. sesame yellow or red garlic chill. Dal-bhat-tarkari - a traditional…

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