Story Time: What if, how our trip around the world would have looked (Covid-19 Blog)

It already feels a lifetime ago, that we decide to cancel our trip around the world for 2020 due to the coronavirus. At the moment it seems that this was the right decision, as nothing is certain this year. We are currently in week 3 of the lockdown in Germany, without knowing when life is coming back to a normal reality. Worldwide the picture totally unpredictable, every country is doing their own rules. Somehow the world became tiny again, as tourist airplane nearly came to a still stand. Nether the less, the dream is still in my head. Let me take the time in this article to show what was the plan.


In Portugal the plan was to fly into Lisbon and take the bus to Porto Covo. From there we wanted to hike the long distant Rota Vicentina trail. May extend it in order to reach Sagres and enjoy some time at the Algarve.

Photo – the picture was taken in Madeira at the Boca do Risco Trail. As the Rota Vicentina is as well a coastal trail, it is the closed I have in my collection.

Boca Do Risco


From Portugal, we wanted to fly to the Azores Island. We were not completely sure which island. But I had an eye on Santa Maria, in order to do the Grand Rota long distance hiking trail.

Photo – the picture was taken in Madeira near Funcal. As Azores are also known as Flower Islands, this is how I would picture the islands as well.

Flowers of Madeira

Cap Verde

If time would allow it, we want to go from the Azores to Cap Verde. Especially the plan was the hiking island of Santo Antão. Which provid a lot of hiking options and stunning nature.

Photo – the picture was taken in Madeira on the Pico Ruivo trail. Hikes that I looked up for Cap Verde seemed to look similar. As we were in Madeira already two times and loved it, Santo Antão should look like the island for us.

Pico Ruivo


Canada was always way up on my bucket list but somehow we never made it there, yet. The plan for Canada was Newfoundland with hiking the East Coast Trail. If time allowed it a road trip in British Columbia. And my top list item a trip to the Yukon in a Truck Camper. I already had a reservation for a camper, that I had to let go.

Photo – the picture was taken in New Zealand on the Kepler Track. In my head Canada with the Rocky is all about the mountains, this picture was the fit for me.

Kepler Track


That we are in love with South America is no secret. With that in mind it is not a big surprise that one country from the continent will show up on your list. In Argentina the plan was a road trip, starting in Calama (Chile) over Salta (Argentina) until Mendoza (Argentina), back to Santigo de Chile. Mainly enjoying the wine regions of Argentina.

Photo – the picture was taken in North Chile in the Lauca National Park. The north of Chile and Argentina are all about volcanos, salar and desert, for this I image this will be similar.

Lauca Nationalpark

New Caledonia

Plan for our south sea dream was to visit New Caledonia. First do a road/hiking trip on the main island and after that do island life on Isle of Pines. White sandy beaches, with our tend near the water and sleeping with the waves in the background.

Photo – the picture was taken in Cuba at the Cayo Levisa beach. I would picture that the white beaches of Isle of Pines just look like this.

Cayo Levisa


Australia needed to be on the list, as this is my bucket list item number one. Somehow I was not able to make it there for the last 20 years but with our trip around the world, it was my highest priority. Plan was to go to Tasmania mainly for the many hiking trails the island offers.

Photo – the picture was taken in New Zealand in the Catlins area. Tasmania in my head is this green, wild, untouched island that might fit the picture best.

South Africa

In 2018, we were so positively surprised by South Africa, that we know we want to come back. Back then the weather was too hot for long hikes, with that in mind we wanted to go back to the Drakensberg for hiking.

Photo – the picture was taken in South Africa on the Amphitheater hike in 2018.



In Namibia, we planned to do a four weeks road trip. Explore the whole country with a 4×4 off-road car. Go on hikes in the Fish River Canyon and enjoy game drives in the Etosha National park.

Photo – the picture was taken in South Africa on Game Drive in the Krüger National Park.

Driving Krüger NP

Even that my goal is to do all these things and more in life, now we all can only sit tight and wait. No matter the situation at the moment, most important thing in life to answer this questions for ourselves. “If today would be the last day of your life, would you feel that you would die happy.” For me the answer would be a big YES. Even that there are so many things I still want to do in life, I know that I already fulfilled so many dreams in my life and never held back. Always reflect, YOU are the only one to fulfil your own dreams. Do not expect people to understand it, or dream it for you. Take every chance you get. Be grateful and enjoy the small moments. For me this whole “crisis” told me one thing: I will never take any trip for granted anymore. But it also told me, life is short, enjoy every moment and find happiness in small things.

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