South Africa: Oribi Gorge and Around

In order to see a few new parts of South Africa, we drove to the Oribi Gorge. The Gorge is a canyon in southern KwaZulu-Natal. It is, cut by the Mzimkulwana River, is the eastern gorge of two gorges that cut through the Oribi Flats of KwaZulu-Natal. The western gorge was formed by the Mzimkulu River. The gorge is approximately 400 meters deep, and almost 5 kilometers wide. 

Oribi Gorge

The Gorge itself offers a couple of hiking options, but it is also possible to drive in the area of the Gorge. We even got told that Tom Cruise was filming his new Mission Impossible movie in the Gorge and surrounding areas. So more to see of this amazing nature in future cinematic.

Leopard Cafe

One thing that should not be missing, when in the area, is the Leopard Café and Lodge. The restaurant is open for public and not limited to the Lodge visitor. It is a cute-decorated café, with a great outside deck to look into the canyon. If you are brave enough, it is also possible to go to the Leopard Rock and take a picture standing or sitting on the rock.

Lake Eland Game Reserve

One other recommend thing to do in the area is the Lake Eland Game reserve and lodge. The Reserve offers a self-guided drive on their property. Including some small hikes over suspension bridges. Also, totally worth to go. One thing in general to say to this area. Restaurants are closing around 4 pm or 5 pm in the winter session, so there is no real dinner option available. This is mainly caused by the fact, that the area is big with self-catering options.

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