South Africa: Giant Castle Game Reserve

As the day was still young, we drove from the Champagne Castle National Park to the Giant Castle Game Reserve. The day was way too hot, around 2 pm we had 35 degrees and more, we were not able to hike in the Reserve. Which was a bit sad because the Park has a lot of nice hikes to offer.

As we did not want to enter the park and do nothing we decided to take a drink on the terrace of The Overhang Bar in the Giants Castle Resort.

Where to park: at the giant castle camp or 200 meters before at the giant castle parking space.

What to do: several day hikes, multi day hikes, having lunch in the Izimbali Restaurant

Tips: in case the weather don’t give you the chance to hike, just enjoy a coffee in the Izimbali Restaurant and enjoy the view.

Cost: entry fee into the reserve.

Personal opinion: Stunning views, like to come back for hiking in the park.

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