South Africa: Quite days at the Lambazi Bay

After enjoying hiking in the Drakensberg and the Oribi Gorge, it was time to enjoy some beach time. We choose the isolated beach of Lambazi Bay. The drive from the Oribi Gorge was long and really bumpy. The last 30 kilometer been only on a dirt road. It is all doable without a 4×4, but real slowly. We have been created by the Lodge Manager Rob, which hosted us as only guest over 3 days.

For us, this was a great time as we had the whole lodge and beach area for ourselves. We enjoyed a full board, even it had been possible to do self gathering. The staff did an amazing job with cooking. One night we did a great fire and Braai (barbecue). Just enjoying the flames and the surrounding animal. Bird wise, the place reminded me a at of New Zealand. As we could hear a lot of unique bird songs and colorful little creatures.

Among the beach runs a long distant hiking trail, which can be enjoyed while staying in the lodge. We have been even lucky enough so see a lot of dolphins and whales during our morning hikes. It is just amazing to see this beautiful creatures so up close. See them swimming and jumping in the waves. Nature is just an amazing place to be.

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