Slovenia: Days in the Soča Valley

Welcome to Bovec

After driving from the Dolomites to Slovenia, we were greeted warmly by our apartment (Apartment Wallas) host in Čezsoča just outside Bovec. He showed us the rooftop apartment which had the best view into the Soča Valley – which I used so many times only to enjoy the silent and views into this beautiful valley. The host explained to me a couple of things to do in Bovec and in the Soča valley in general. Also, he handed a couple of tourist maps and information, to get us started in our days in the Soča Valley. All in all an amazing start in Slovenia.

As we had the Soča Valley in the backyard of our apartment we used the afternoon for a short walk to the Soča itself. What can I say our impression of Slovenia got better and better with the hour. Sheep in front of a mountain panorama and crystal clear water of the Soča river.

From Bovec to Soča

One of your full days we used to hike parts of the Soča Trail. From Bovec to Soča, to the Velika Korita (Great Soča Gorge). The trail is crossing a couple of bridges with great view in gorges of the Soča. The bridges itself are an adventure. They are swinging and only one person at the time should step on it.

Bovec provides a couple of smaller hikes to the waterfalls Slap Virje, Slap Boka or Šunikov vodni gaj. The trail heads can be reached by car, bike or electronic roller. Bike rentals can be found in the town of Bovec.

Way to Krn (Krnsko jezera)

To get a bit more inside the Triglav National Park and actually hike in the Julian Alps we used one day to hike to the lake Krnsko jezera. The hike up was real steep and full of stones. On the plateau we were surrounded by mountains, cows on the pasture and clear water of the Krnsko jezera. The Triglav National Park inhabitants a lot of mountain huts with sleeping options and a restaurant which invites for multi day hikes.


Compared to Bovec and Trenta, Kobarid felt to me a bit touristic. In general parking spots to attractions need to be paid in Slovenia. As well as entrance fees for waterfalls. In case of Kobarid we only enjoyed the Soča valley and leave out of seeing the Kozjak Waterfall. As the day was really warm we were able to put our feet into the water.

The Soča Trail

In Trenta the source of the Soča can be found and with that the start of the Soča Trail, which leads from Trenta to Bovec. In order to get close to the Soča leave the Trail and go down to smaller trail directly to the river. The river winds over rocks through a narrow canyon in some parts. It is just magical to stand close to the stream and watch the water in this pure untouched nature.

After six days in the Soča Valley I understood why the few people I know only had positive worlds for this beautiful country. Mainly described with the words: pictures natures that remained originally with mass tourism.

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