Slovenia: Day trip to Mangart

One day trip that can be done from Bovec is the 45 minutes drive to the Mangart mountain. The mountain is located at the border to Italy and is part of the Triglav National Park. Up to the view point leads a small winding paved road that is mostly single-lined.

At the top three hiking trails are available that lead to the Mangart (Mangrt) – 2679 meters. The trails have different levels that are suitable for true hikers or families. But no matter if you only drive up to the Mangart saddle viewpoint or actually hike further, the views are incredible and completely worth the drive.

Before leaving this beautiful surrounding we stopped at a Cheese Farm on the way down. The farm is surrounded by mountains. We saw sheep in the grass. It was just this natural idyll which invited to eat the cheese directly at the bench in from of the farm. Just breath and enjoy life for a second. 

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