Slovenia: Around Lake Bohinj

Our first impression of Slovenia in the Soča Valley was great. Still, we were excited with what the Lake Bohinj area had to offer. Our drive from Bovec lead us through the beautiful Tolmin Gorge to the small town of Stara Fužina. The settlement is surrounded by mountains of the Triglav National Park. It is located at the Lake Bohinj. The town itself offers a lot of private apartments to choose from. As well provides great hiking opportunities in the Triglav National Park. 

The small town of Stara Fužina

Our first impression of Stara Fužina was a bit chaotic. As in the after season a lot of construction work was going on in the town itself. On top of that the street to our apartment was closed. We had to find another way to the apartment. Which was not that easy, as the majority of the streets in town are one way or only drive able by one car at the time. Sadly our host did not tell us about this. Nether the less we found a way to the apartment. Sadly the accommodation seen better years and was nothing compared to the amazing apartment we had in Bovec. As September is off season in Slovenia, it is not particularly necessary to book ahead. There had been many accommodation available, that we could have chosen from.

The beautiful Lake Bohinj

Despite that the apartment itself was not what we expected, the location made a bit up for it. The view from the apartment balcony was amazing, and we were able to start nearly all the hikes directly from the accommodation. Which was a big plus. The afternoon we spent exploring the Lake Bohinj. It is such a beautiful untouched piece of nature. Only watching the ducks swim by or seeing the mountain reflections in the water is magical. 

Day Hiking

One day hike in the Bohinj area we spent seeing the Mostnica Gorge. Following the Mostnica River from Stara Fužina we went up to the Voje Valley. The hike on smaller paths give many opportunities to get close to the water bank and enjoying the clear blue water. Entry fees for the hike are 3 euros per person, which are ask for at the entry of the Triglav National Park.

In order to extend the hike to the Mostnica Gorge we walked further to the Voje Valley. Which is ending at the Slap Voje waterfall. In the Valley the path are wide and flat and can be done by everyone. If you are looking only for an easy hike, it is also possible to drive up with the car to Voje Valley. With paying a toll fee of 12 Euros.

Traditional Mountain Huts

On the path we were hiking the valley was providing two huts with restaurants to choose from. One hut at the parking lot, at the end of the Mostnica Gorge hike and one shortly before the Slap Voje. The huts providing a variety of traditional fresh made foods. A specialty is the Strudel, which is a sweet desert filled with apple blueberry.

Another hike in the Bohinj area is starting on the Planina Blato. We parked our car at the alpine pasture Planina Blato (1,147 m) car park and started hiking towards the Triglav Lakes Valley until the Koča na Planini pri Jezeru hut. As the weather was turning on us we were not able to hike further to the Double Lake. This was a bit sad as the Valley promised a couple of beautiful lakes and surrounding. Nether the less it is always a chance to come back one day and finish what we started.

Lake Bled

Even if you may know nothing about Slovenia you may see a picture of Lake Bled. The lake is mainly known for the iconic small island in the middle of it, with the “Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria” on it. As we also wanted to see the lake for our self we drove from Lake Bohinj 30 minutes to Lake Bled. The lake is surrounded by mountains and the island in the middle of the lake gives a beautiful picture. Besides that it is mainly touristy. With tons of tourist buses, hotels and restaurant close to the lake. Also, the path around the lake is completely paved and with only 5 km it fells like a big ant road of people. On top of that, shutters were installed in the water for swimmers and rowers which complete take the natural beauty away from this place.

After hiking around Lake Bled in the morning (5 km, 1 – 1 1/2 hour) I needed to have some more natural beauty and decided to hike around Lake Bohinj (12 km, 3 – 3 1/2 hours). During this hike I only met around 5 people and was able to enjoy just this amazing natural side. Especially the unpaved path on the Stara Fužina side is amazing. Lake Bohinj was able to keep its naturalness and is totally worth spend some time there, even or just because it is not as popular as Lake Bled.

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