Singapore: Things to do

During our Asia Trip from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore to Bali, we stayed in the city of Singapore for 3 days. From Kuala Lumpur we took the overnight bus to Singapore. In the city we mainly took cabs or walked, in order to get around. The following attractions are the once that we visited in our stay. 

Singpore Flyer

A must do in Singapore is to visit the Singapore Flyer. It is one of the highest wheels in the worlds. During our time there we were able to see test drives of the Formula 1, as the course was prepared in that time. Which made this ride even more special.

Marina Bay

Another really special place is the Marina Bay. Walk along the waterfront walk, visit the Merlion statue (half-fish, half-lion) and take a boot trip in the bay. We choose a basic option only with passing the main attractions of the bay.


As chinatown was close to our hotel, we took some time to look into the different shops and had some tea with a mooncake.

Mooncakes (mid-autumn-festival)

As we were a bit early for the mit-autumn-festival, we only saw all the preparations that were going on in Chinatown but not the festival itself. Nether the less it was possible to buy mooncakes at every corner. We tried the traditional once with tee and some fancy looking once – in the picture.

Singapore Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden is such a contrast in the city as it is the largest green space. It includes the world’s most extensive orchid garden. We spent 4 hours in the garden, just enjoying the nature and escaping the city for a while.

Little India

We had the best Indian food – outside of India – in this place. We went for traditional chicken tikka masala, butter naan and paneer. And we visited some temples 🙂

Kampong Glam

As the Kampong Glam neighborhood is close to little India, we walk there directly afterwards. Several historic building can be seen and walked buy.

Wandering through the streets

Update 2014: Thanks to Singapore Airlines we could do a half day city visit during our flight back to Germany from Auckland. I already saw at that point that the face of the Marina Bay changed. Many new buildings were added to the skyline and compared to the September 2009 visit, it was packed in December 2011.

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