Portugal: Hiking the North of Portugal – Part II

The second part of our hiking journey in the north of Portugal included two hiking paths among the coastline. Both trails are following the Portuguese part of the Camino de Santiago. With that said we also saw a couple of Camhino hikers. “Bom Caminho” is the greeting in Portuguese. In order to wish the hikers a nice hike on the Caminho. The Camhino Portugues starts in Porto and joins the Camino de Santiago (Jakobsweg) in Santiago de Compostela.

Camhina to Vila Praia de Anora (Camino de Santiago in Portugal)

The hike from Camhina to Vila Praia de Anora was rather short. It included only 8 kilometers. The start of the hike is in the center of Camhina and leads first over wooden walkways to a small forest. After that there are plenty opportunities to hike on the beach, instead of the walkway near the beach.

The path near the beach is from time to time shared with bikers. From the opposite direction we saw a couple of true Camhino hikers. I guess, in none Covid-19 times, it would be way more. On this hike we may saw 10 all in all. Easy to spot with the big backpacks and the greeting “Bom Camhino” on the lips. People from all age groups been under the hikers. As the hike is rather short, take your time. May watch the surfers or just the waves. Or take the swimming suite and take a short swim in the ocean.

Vila Praia de Anora to Viana do Castelo (Camino de Santiago in Portugal)

Our second day on the Camhino Portugues included a 20-kilometer hike from Vila Praia do Anora to Viana do Castelo. The hike once more started on wooden walkways at the beachfront in Vila Praia de Anora. It leads mainly close to the beach or directly at the beach. Also here it is recommended to take the opportunity to hike some parts directly at the beach. And enjoy the cold Atlantic water under our feed.

After the half of the trail we found a small café at the beach called Carilisa. In order not power through the complete hike, we took the time for some lunch at the beach. The terrace of the café has a view towards the beach and with a cold class of “Vino Verde” and the breeze of the waves, life can be just easy for a moment. Overall this part of the Camhino was really beautiful. Always in reach of the ocean. So many chances to enjoy the waves itself or just the sound of the waves.

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