Portugal: Hike in the Tua Valley (PR2 CRZ)

Today’s hike lead us in the Tue Valley, which is a 40 minutes drive from the Douro Valley in Pinhão. As we have already many kilometers in our legs, we looked for a short hike with great views. The PR2 CRZ is only 9 kilometers long but has 400 meters of decline and incline in altitude. BUT the hike is really like a V, steep steep steep.

The hike leads through the town of Castanheiro and can be started/ended at the Miradouro Olhos do Tua. The street to the Mirador is really narrow and steep. In a case you do not have a 4×4 wheel car, drive slowly. The hike did not disappoint with an amazing view on the Tua river and the same named valley. We were surrounded by silence and incredibly beautiful nature.

On the hike we only met one elderly couple, that has fought with the trail. As said it was at times really steep, for the short length it provided. On the hike several information boards could be found. Which displayed information about the flora and fauna of this region. Overall the hike is really recommendable. If you are interested, bring a swimming suite. There is a possibility to get to the water, before the climb up/down to the Mirador.