Poland: Hikes in the Karkonosze National Park

Some destinations are not real bucket list dream destinations – at least what my list is concerned -, until you been there and find all the beauty in it. Visiting the Karkonosze National Park in Poland, was exactly like that. It is interesting that for some places we have a clear picture in our head and when we have been there we realize that it is completely wrong. But let me start from the beginning. We found a real nice apartment in Jelena Gora, that was overlooking the Park from its balcony. What we did not realize when booking it, it was located directly at the entrance of the park.

The Karkonosze National Park or in polish: Karkonoski Park Narodowy is a National Park in the Karkonosze Mountains (Giant Mountains) in the Sudetes. The mountain range is located in the south of Poland and the north of Czech. The difference between both areas are, that the Czech part is mainly ski area and the Poland part is a protected national park. Based on that, park entry fee needs to be paid on the Polish side. I personally like the Polish part better, as it is not marred by the ski slopes.

When staying in Jelena Gora, it is possible to start hikes directly from the town. But usually there are enough parking lot, at the beginning of the trails. The majority of the park area, around 33.80 km², consists of forests. With a lot of flowers and mushrooms. Which locals are happy to collect for personal preparation. Next time you think about a nice hiking weekend, think about to go to the Karkonosze National Park. It is totally worth it.

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