Poland: A autumn dream

Some places are worth visiting several time and in different times of the year. As we saw the Karkonoski National Park already in the summer, we wanted to go back this time around autumn. In order to enjoy the amazing color of the trees and just this autumn feeling. With that said we went once more to Jelenia Gora, at the foot of the mountain, in order to enjoy this special time of the year.

An autumn dream, colors everywhere

Autumn for me is an interesting time of the year. It can be still warm and a great temperature for hiking, but still there is already a change in season that makes it really special. Almost when being in a wooded area, on which the change can be reflected the most.

Hiking in the Karkonoski National Park

One mandatory event when being in the National Park is to hike up to the ridgeway. It is a long-distance path opened in 1904. Along its path it crossed through the Elster Mountains, Ore Mountains, Bohemian Switzerland, Lusatian Mountains, Ještěd Mountains, Jizera and Giant Mountains, Śnieżnik Mountains and High Ash Mountains. Overall, it has a length of 289 km.

Mushroom Time

Even that we saw many mushrooms in summer last year, the season was not over yet. With a couple of finds, we have been able to cook some self-made mushroom dish. But be aware that the competition between the collectors – mainly locals – are high, and good stuff can only be found deep into the woods.

Unforgettable sun downers

Try not to miss the sunrises or sun downers over the national park. We had this amazing view over Jelena Gora from our house, with an open view to see the sun rising and sinking. Also, the sky at night is so light pollution free, that it was possible to see a clear starry sky.

Great food

What can I say, do not miss the amazing Polish food. Folks know how to cook. No matter if it was an appetizer, a main dish or a dessert, the food was great. As well was the hostility, in general. Poland stays to be a beautiful country to visit and totally worth to come back to.

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