Norway: Tips


It is easy to get around in Norway with speaking English. Norway is an outdoor paradise with endless hiking options. Even only driving around is a dream because of all the nice scenery. Before deciding to go to Norway be aware that it is a high price country. Even when deciding to go for the camping option the Norway trip will not be a cheap one. Mostly expensive is food and accommodation. Renting a car and petrol is on average EU level.


Norway has a great infrastructure with a thin road utilization. Highways have a toll system, that works over the car license plate. The easiest way to go around is by renting a car. Direct pickup at the airport’s possible. Average speed limit is 70 km/h.


The easiest way to stay flexible in Norway is to stick with the camping places. Either way camp or take a cabin on the camping place. Sides can be found everywhere, they are well-marked. Even that Norway has the every man right and it is possible to camp everywhere for free we found it hard to find nice places beside the roads. It is easier in the national parks on multi day hikes, where you can put your tend wherever you want.


In general all the places take credit card. Have some cash (Norway krone) with you for entry fees, parking and camping places – usually in coins for parking.

Norway, as well as the other northern European countries,  is one of the most expensive countries of Europe. Be prepared for high food and accommodation costs.


There are endless possibilities of hiking in Norway usually in the National Parks (Rondane National Park, Jostedalsbreen National Park, Hardangervidda, Jotunheimen National Park) of the country. Day-Hikes, Multi-Day Hikes or shorter walks.

Travel Duration

For traveling only South Norway plan in around 10 to 20 days, depending on how many day-hike/multi day hikes you want to do. Don’t underestimate travel time, usually you only can drive 70 km/h most-likely even less because of serpentine roads and the many stops on the way because of the amazing views.

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