Norway: Snow in May (Hardangervidda)

The Hardangervidda is a mountain plateau in the central south of Norway. We stayed on a camping site in Kinsarvik (25 degree and sunny weather). For seeing the plateau we took a day trip to see the Voringsfossen and the Hardangervidda itself. As the plateau is 1100 to 1700 m high, we saw it mostly in snow. As we already figured out in the Jotunheimen National Park, May is just to early for Norway in order to go hiking in a higher altitude.

The plateau itself was stunning. We had amazing views, frozen lakes and somehow a reminder of Iceland. I never thought there is another place like Iceland but somehow the Hardangervidda reminded me a lot of the silent, isolated, stunning places in Iceland. I can only image how amazing it should be to hike on the plateau.

Usually this was a parking slot with a hut – last picture on the page. For us it was parking at the road and taking a quick picture. Even that we were not able to hike in the area, the road trip itself was already worth the time. I can understand why so many bikers come to Norway for just driving around. The views are amazing, the streets are in perfect condition. Also, big plus for coming to Norway is, even that Germany and Norway nearly have the same size, Norway only got 8 million citizen and Germany got 82 million. I guess this is the reason why places like this get my attention in the first place.

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