Norway: Preikestolen Hike – Is it worth?

Before we go over board with this article, let me summarize some things. Norway is a beautiful country, with amazing fjords, views, hikes and outdoor adventures. Even the Preikestolen Hike is in that category. But due to the fact that it is really well-known, my personal answer to the question “Is it worth” would be no. This place is overrun by tourists, which are not good at hiking in this terrain. We even saw a rescue helicopter use for an elder woman who broke her leg. For me  it was sad that we did not know about the alternative options, which can not be found in google maps. You need to drive on the road 13 in the direction of Oanes. There will be a small street on the left side, to follow until it’s end. Do not be confused by the signed “This is not the way to the Preikestolen“. If you see that sign, you are exactly right. We sadly could not do this hike, because the weather was bad at the second day in this region. We had heavy rain and no clear view at all. So I guess the good take away here is that we had good weather the first time around.

Name: Preikestolen Hike
Length: ~8 km
Time: ~ 3 hours (average 4-5 hours)
Good to know: the hike is REALLY popular in Norway – it felt like every tourist fit or not wanted to hike to the Preikestolen. In case you want to have the place for yourself, hike up there during sunrise or try to camp on the Pulpit Rock – which is hard because it is all stone.

Where to park: Pulpit Rock Parking, Preikestolvegen, Jørpeland, Norway

Tip: Go up as early as possible. The Latest around 9 am the place will be full of people.

There is a alternative route available – it will provide a view on the Pulpit Rock, not a route to the Pulpit Rock. Ask on a local camping place in the area, they will be able to explain. Route can’t be found in google maps.

Cost: Parking fee needs to be paid.

Personal opinion: The view from the Pulpit Rock is stunning. Going up there with all the people was horrible. There was no way to enjoy this hike because of constantly waiting and stopping. If you are planning to do the hike, choose the right time.

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