Norway: Jotunheimen National Park: Knutshøe Hike

Norway for me was always Glaciers, Fjords and amazing hikes. For that reason the Jotunheimen National Park was on the top of the list, for our Norway trip. Original plan was to stay there for a couple of days hiking. On our arrival day, 4 guys showed us pictures that the top of the Besseggen Ridge hike is still covered in snow. They were not able to see any hiking trail anymore, and they slept only two hours the night because of the freezing temperatures. And the snow for sure. This brought us to the realization that we should only do hikes that are in flatter areas. Which was really a bummer. But due to our nice camping host we found the Knutshøe hike, which was absolutely amazing.

Name: Knutshøe
Length: ~13 km
Time: ~6 hours
Good to know: this hike is a nice alternative to the famous Besseggen Ridge. It gives you stunning views, connection to nature and a breathtaking surrounding.

Where to park: pass the Bygdin mountain hotel and drive further to Beitostolen. Half way there is a parking space on the right. This is where the hike starts.

Tip: if you don’t want to hike on the saddle – climbing included – it is possible to walk around.

Where to stay: The parks offers several accommodation options from hotel´s, camping, huts on a camping side. Freedom camping in the park is allowed, due to the fact that the park offers several multi-day hike options.

Cost: none

Personal opinion: beautiful hike with stunning views. Totally recommendable.

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A bit more details to the hike. There is the option to hike on the saddle. This we aimed for in the first place. Here is the but. Before reaching the saddle you have to climb with loose rope over some ledge. We decided not do to that, as it did not look secure in our eyes. Based on that we decided to hike on the lower part, around the mountain.

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