New Zealand: From the rain in the eaves – Taupo

After having a great time at Mt. Taranaki we drove further to the Tongario National Park. I was so existed to do the Tongario Alpine Crossing, which is one of the best hikes in New Zealand. As the weather was not on our side, the only thing we could do in the area was to visit the Whakapapa. It is a ski area and it is possible to do some hikes up there in the summer. As we had snow and rain, we sadly only got a coffee in the restaurant. Due to the weather condition we also were not able to do Tongario Alpine Crossing, as there was a blizzard and all hikes were canceled. And we had to stay in a hut instead of the tent, as it was snowing in the National Park for two days.

After two days of waiting for better weather and no change forecast for another week, we moved on to Lake Taupo. As luck was not on our side there either, at this weekend was a big biking event. For that reason the whole city was totally crowded and most of it was cordoned due to the event. First we got stuck on the street behind the bikers for 2 hours and then there was no parking slot an all in the city, as all was closed of for the event.

In order to enjoy a bit of Taupo we decided to visit the Craters of the Moon and the Huka Falls. The Craters of the Moon is a geothermal area in which smaller hikes are possible in order to explore the area. To see the area, entry fees need to be paid.

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