New Zealand: Hidden gem – Mt. Taranaki and Forgotten World Highway

Mt. Taranaki

After our island crossing from the south to the north island and our first night in Wellington we drove to Mt. Taranaki. There we did a short hike to the Wilkies Pools and the Dawson Falls. It is possible to do several short and longer hikes at the Mt. Taranaki.

Kaupokonui Beach

After our hike we found a nice camp at Kaupokonui Beach. The camp is close to the beach and has really nice owners. We spend there two days just for relaxing. We did an amazing beach walks and saw an unforgettable sunset. Just sitting on an isolated, untouched, people free beach with New Zealand wine and amazing colors of the sun fading behind the ocean.

 At the camp we met a local couple that was already retired and lives 6 month a year on camping sides in their camping van, in order to travel around and go fishing at various locations. We even got fresh fished White Bate. It is a local specialty that will be fried together with eggs.

Forgotten World Highway

After two amazing relaxing days and a New Zealand barbecue done by the owners of the campsite, we wanted to get active again. Next goal was to visit the Tongario Park in order to do the Tongario Crossing. On the way we drove through the Forgotten World Highway. The Highway is mainly graveled road and lead through the beautiful Tangarakau Gorge.

Before we entered the Forgotten World Highway a police man checked our wheels and told us that there is no gas station until after the highway.

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