New Zealand: Endless Beaches

South Island

The coastline of New Zealand seems to provide endless beaches, with around 14,000 km there is a lot of coasts to explore. Even that the North Island is more popular for its beaches, on the South Island amazing beaches can be found as well. Keep in mind that the beaches on the South Island are not so much for swimming, due to the ocean stream. But at the beaches it is possible to find seals and penguins.

The following pictures are taken starting from Christchurch driving North on the east coast:

Katiki Point – gold beach with a lighthouse at the end
Koekohe Beach – also called Moeraki Boulders Beach
Papatowai Beach – nice gold beach for long beach walks
Surat Bay to Cannibal Bay – beach with a seals couple 🙂
Curio Bay – is popular for it’s petrified forest
Slope Point  –  the southernmost point in New Zealand

Driving back South on the west coast: Jackson Bay, Punakai River Beach (Black Beach), Able Tasman with Whariwharangi Bay, Bark Bay and Anchorage Bay (White and Gold Beaches).

North Island

Beaches on the following pictures are located on the east side of the North Island:

Waihi Beach, Whiritoa Beach, Pokohino Beach – golden beaches at the Bay of Plenty
Hahai Beach – beach on the way to the Cathetral Cove
Stony Bay – remote stony beach at the end of a graveled road. Start of the Coromandel Coastal Walk
Spirits Bay – remote white beach at the end of a graveled road, the whitest beach I saw in NZ
Mangawhai Heads Beach – gold beach with a nice view

Beaches on the following pictures are located on the west side of the North Island:
 Kaupokonui Beach – hidden jam in the area of the Mt. Taranaki. Nice small black beach
Ninety Miles Beach – 88 km long coast line on which cars can drive.
Cape Reinga – the northernmost point in New Zealand, with a light house at the end.
Whatipu Beach – is a remote beach at the end of a graveled road. Totally worth for long silent beach walks. 
Piha Beach – hot spot for surfing and a busy place.

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