New Zealand: A dream location – Coromandel

The Coromandel Peninsula is located at the North Island of New Zealand and it extends 85 km north from the western end of the Bay of Plenty.

For us the Bay of Plenty was highly touristic, and we did not found many hiking opportunities. The one option we looked into was to do a multi day hike on one of the many islands. But as we did not found others to go with us, we would have to pay the boat all by ourselves. Which at the end of the day we found was not worth it.

For that reason we drove to the amazing Coromandel Peninsula. You will find there amazing beaches, that you can have just for yourself. In case a beach is more than 30 minutes walk from a car park, nearly nobody takes the effort to go there.

There is an endless list of beaches at the Peninsula, the following we visit on your drive from the Bay of Plenty: Waihi Beach, Whiritoa Beach and Pokohino Beach. At the last beach we found this private camping ground Opoutere Coastal Camping, at which we stayed 2 days. It is a basic camp but it has a perfect beach on its own. Which we had just for our self.

Further we visit the famous Cathedral Cove, which in my opinion is mostly photo shopped  and overran by tourist.  The parking spot for the Cathedral Cove is small and mostly full. For that reason we had to drive back to Hahai Beach, from where we hiked one hour to the Cathedral Cove. For me the hike itself was nice, the Cathedral Cove could not hold up to the hype.

The one thing that stood out for us was North Coromandel. We stayed 2 nights in the Stony Bay Campsite. It is a simple campsite at the end of a dirt road but it is totally worth to go there.  From the campsite we hiked parts of the Coromandel Coastal Walk. The hike is mostly like the Abel Tasman Coastal Track, only shorter. It is a tree hour one way hike from the Stony Bay Campsite to the Fletscher Bay Campsite.

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