Nepal: Nepali Food

In Nepal, it is possible to eat a lot of delicious Nepali Food. Starting with the starter Momos, the Dal-bhat-tarkari, Thali Nepalese Style or traditional Indian food.

Momo – is a type of Dumpling with vegetarian or meat feeling. In order to each over lunch something light, this is the perfect dish. Usually it is served with some kind of sauce e.g. sesame yellow or red garlic chill.

Dal-bhat-tarkari – a traditional meal from Nepal. It consists of steamed rice, a cooked lentil soup (dal) and vegetarian curry.

Thali Nepalese Style – round metal platter to serve 6 different flavors of sweet, salt, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy foods on one single plate. A typical plate include rice, dal (lentil soup), vegetables, roti, papad, dahi (yogurt), small amounts of chutney or pickle.

Typical beer 🙂

Indian Food – Garlic Naan with Chicken Curry and Paneer (Cheese). In Pokhara after hiking in the Annapurna area.

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