Nepal: Annapurna Hiking – Is it worth?

As Pokhara is the starting point of every Annapurna hike, we relaxed there for 2 days. We took a boot trip at the Phewa Lake and did some smaller hikes near the lake. In Pokhara the Sherpas for the hike can be found as well as the permit for the hike can got there. On the Circus there are several control points where the permit will be checked.

The day started with a bus ride to Nayapul. From there the first hiking day lead us to Syauli Bazar. Already in the first few moments of the hike we had an amazing view on the Annapurna range.  Which kept being that way for the next 3 days. As there was no cloud on the sky for the whole time of the hike, it sadly was really hot (~35 degree) which did not came in favor of hiking 6 hours a day. Only at night the temperature went down, really fast after the sunset.

The next day lead us to Ghandruk, where we stayed in a nice Lodge. The lodge had an amazing view on the mountains and our day ended with a cool beer in our hands and the silence of the mountains.

Our last day lead us back to Pokhara, which meant hiking 4 hours mainly steps down.

My personal view on this hike: there were amazing views, long adventurous bridges, nice waterfalls, beautiful valleys and a stunning surrounding. No doubt of that.  For me the hike itself was not that pleasant because of the heat + high humidity. And we had a lot of that. I guess it was mainly also because we never got higher than 2500 m altitude.

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