Namibia: Tips


Namibia is a country that is easy for self-driving. An important thing to know is that the majority of the roads are gravel – but an easy kind. Nothing compared to Iceland or Mongolia. Even that, it is highly recommended to rent a 4×4, the majority of the time it would not have been necessary. There only had been two times which really needed a 4×4. First in the Tiras Mountains, this was really sandy and folks without a 4×4 might get stuck. And second in the Etosha National Park, one small road that was a bit tricky.

If self-driving is not an option, there are many tourist companies which are offering travel packages. From small groups with 5 to 10 people, too big groups of 35 people.

At the airport, it is possible to buy a sim card, for mobile connectivity. In general, the Wi-Fi is really limited, as the lodges have satellite internet. That is the best way to step away from availability for a couple of days.


Namibia is having left side driving, which sometime can be forgotten because the majority of the time you will not see cars for hours. Roads are mainly wide. Usually you will see fences left and right on the road. So no worries about animal crossing. It can happen when a fence is broken, but these are rare cases. Also keep in mind that you can drive max. 120km/h, but this is not recommended. We usually drove around 70 to 80 km/h. With that strategy we have been slower but had no blowout in 4 weeks.


In Namibia you can find accommodation for every range of budget, depending on your preferences. The following accommodations are especially recommendable:

  • Teufelskrallen Tented Lodge – Nice tented lodge per guest in the Kalahari Desert. The Lodge offers hikes, bikes, game drives on private land.
  • Namtib Desert Lodge – Private farm with a camping area and lodges. Dinner with the owner and private hiking paths on the property.
  • Fish River Lodge – Stunning Lodge directly at the cliffs of the Fish River Canyon. We rented fat bikes there and drive on the edge of the cliffs – once in a lifetime experience.
  • Vingerklip Lodge – Nice lodge at the foot of the Vingerklip. Many possibilities for hiking.
  • Hobatere Lodge – Nice lodge just outside the Etosha Park. Private land with the big 5 on it, already the drive to the lodge is an adventure.
  • The Mushara Bush Camp – Nice Lodge also just outside the Etosha Park. Great Camp feeling, nice food and easy access to the Park.

Travel Duration

Namibia is a huge country. Driving from one location to another can easily take 5 hours or more. Depending on your travel route. We had 4 weeks for your route through Namibia:

Windhoek -> Kalahari -> Keetmanshoop -> Fish River Canyon -> Lüderitz -> Tiras Mountains -> Sossusvlei -> Solitare -> Swakopmund -> Erongo Mountains -> Damaraland -> Etosha National Park -> Waterberg Plateau Nationalpark -> Windhoek

If your time is limited, I would recommend deciding to do only the south or only the north. Trying to do everything, may keep you in car all day.

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