Mongolia: Animals and a waterfall – Ulaanzutgalan

Ulaanzutgalan is the highest waterfall in Mongolia. In order to get there we had to cross several rivers. In that case I was really glad that our driver was a former rally driver, and he had the car always under control. During our drive we met another tourist group from the same travel agency, and they been not that lucky with river crossings. During one river crossing the motor was flooded, and they got all the water in the car. This was another proof that driving in Mongolia is a challenge, which made it for us even more unbelievable that the most sold car is a Toyota Prius. If you think now maybe only in the cities, I need to prove you wrong. We rescued even two cars out of a river crossing that went completely wrong.

Where to find it: Ulaanzutgalan Waterfall

Tip: The place was pretty crowded.

Cost: none.

Personal opinion: The waterfall was nice but packed. The nice thing there were all the animal around and you can walk right through the herd. There were baby yaks in the herd, with them be a bit careful not to go close, it will make the other yaks nervous. 

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