Mongolia: The stunning cliffs of Bayanzag

Bayanzag are also named Flaming Cliffs and it is a region of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. The area became famous due to the first discovery of dinosaur eggs and other important fossil findings.

Where to find it: Flaming Cliffs, Mongolia

Tip: It is possible to hike on the cliffs itself. There are several paths and it is easy to hike there for hours. In case you have the time to hike deeper, make the effort it will show you different sides of the cliffs.

There are several camps nearby to stay the night.

Cost: none.

Personal opinion: This is a magical place. It has different hiking options on the cliffs. Try to go there during sunrise or sunset, then you will understand  why the name Flaming Cliffs was given. The red color of the cliffs is coming out nicely during that time.

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