Madeira: What a view (Levada do Rei)

The mostly known and in the high season mostly crowded hikes in Madeira are the  Caldeiro Verde, Pico Ruivo and São Lourenço. As there are alternatives for many things in life, it is also true for hikes in Madeira. A great alternative for the São Lourenço is the Boca do Risco and for Caldeiro Verde it is the Levada do Rei.

The Levada do Rei is a ~10 km hike that is completely flat. No need to bring hiking sticks, as there are no difficult passages. Nether the less you should not be afraid of heights, as the Levada has a lot of that.

The river Riberio Bonito feeds the Levada and brings it to life, we even saw fishes swimming in the Levada. The Levada is build up on ~535 meters and with that promises a lot of amazing views. Make sure you come on a fog free day, in order to be able to enjoy the view on the Pico Ruivo.

The hike even got a bit adventures when passing one waterfall in order to get to the end of the Levada. But just me share some panorama pictures with you, to give a visual about what to expect.

The ending of the Levada is a nice little waterfall with a clear water pool in pure green surrounding. A great spot to have lunch after the hike.

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