Madeira: What a scenery (Vereda Da Ladeira)

For our last hike we choose the Vereda Da Ladeira near Porto Moniz. It is a short, 5 km hike, with 450 meter descent and climb. Even that this tour is really short, the amazing scenery and views make up for that.



During the whole descent you can see the ocean in the background. As the hike is really steep, it should any be hiked during try weather. Also bring hiking sticks for steep stone passages.

The hike ends at the sea level with the real steep stone stairs in Calhau. We took some minutes and set on a big stone in front of the stony beach. Just enjoyed the big waves that came in.

Before we make our way up again to the small parking lot, we hiked into the canyon Ribeira do Tristao. It is a 5 minutes climb over stones and the river to get to the waterfall. Totally worth it before go up again.

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