Madeira: Such clear water (Rabaçal)

Rabaçal is besides the Fanal area the most popular and beautiful area in the west of Madeira. The hikes start from a large parking slot. Which was actually not that full when we started our hike around 9:30 am. But got packed in the afternoon when we came back to the car.

Starting from the parking lot two Levadas can be hiked. The Levada do Risco and the Levada das 25 Fontes, or a combination out of both. What we did at the end. The hike on the Levada do Risco start right parallel to the paved road that most of the tourist are choosing. Also, a bus/taxi shuttle is offered to reach the waterfalls of this area and the restaurant.

Even that we thought that this place is touristy and filled with many people, hiking on the Levada do Risco brought us solitude and away from the touristy tracks. It was a really nice flat Levada which end at a smaller waterfall.

Switching from the Levada do Risco to the Levada das 25 Fontes is a path through the woods and needs a lot of occurs safety. It is recommenced to bring hiking sticks. Already on the way to the second waterfall, it can be seen on the way down from the distance. Needless to say that the views are amazing. Another great hike to see the green environment of Madeira.

The hike on the Levada das 25 Fontes end at yet another amazing waterfall, that falls in crystal clear water. It is totally worth to hike down to the waterfall and enjoy the small lake the waterfall falls into.

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