Madeira: On the Paul da Serra plateau

After our great hikes in the east of Madeira, we were now open to discover the hikes in the west area of the island. One of the go to places is the area of Fanal. Even that this place is mostly known for the beautiful Levada dos Cedros, it has more to offer for example the Paul da Serra plateau.

The hike from Fanal to Paul da Serra is unique, as it is all on the back of the plateau and mostly through flat forest area. The trees look like out of a fairy tail.

Also, many cows discovered this nice area and stand on the grasslands, which gives this unique place an extra charm. The hike is flat an easy and beside has a couple of viewpoints from the plateau to the ocean.

As the area of Fanal is famous for the Levada dos Cedros we wanted to combine the hikes. The Levada dos Cedros is a point-to-point hike and 7 km long. If you choose only to hike the Levada starting from Fanal at the end a pick up needs to be arranged, or you need to hike back to Fanal on the street.

As we wanted to avoid hiking on the street, we hiked a bit through the foods and jumped in the Levada dos Cedros half-way back to Fanal. As other levadas in Madeira as well this one leads on thin paths along the water until a waterfall. It is worth climbing over the stones close to the waterfall.

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