Madeira: Never stop learning

This weekend we did a trip to Ponto do Pargo to do a hike at the Faja Grande. At the beginning of the hike was a small restaurant surrounded by its own garden. So far so unspectacular you might, would say. The interesting part was in the details, as the owner was taking the time to put a little sign in front of every plant to show what it is. I for myself found it really adorable, to actually see how plants and herbs look in nature. Usually I only see them cut and packed in the supermarket, but would not recognize it in nature. Might live in the city for nearly 20 years brought back to me this urge to get closer to nature again. Gaining back knowledge about plants, herbs and just farm live.

This is the great thing about Madeira, so many nice nature places can be found. Especially in the north, which is mostly untouched by tourism. It is possible to come back to nature here in an amazing untouched nature surrounding. No matter if staying on an organic farm in the middle of the São Vicente mountains or remote in Boaventura. If you look for quiet and seclusion, you will be able to find it there.

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