Madeira: Just disconnect for a while

That 2020 was a crazy year, we can all agree on. Not many of us experiencing something comparable in your lives. It is interesting that in the beginning most of us thought this all will go away in a matter of a couple of months. Guess what we all been wrong. It is now over 10 months in quarantine, lockdown and a way different life as we know it. It is not the 2020 I pictured for myself. Nevertheless, only the people who can adopt change will come out stronger. In order to do that, it is important to recharge and what is a better way to do that, then in nature?!

Having the opportunity to do every day, no matter the weather, a hike is amazing. Waking up in the mountains of São Vicente helps as well. There is just no sound, just a few birds and the wind. Daily routines are like that, waking up, making breakfast with the most amazing view on the mountains out of the kitchen window. Drink a cup of coffee in the garden of the Airbnb property and just enjoy the simple life. Sometimes it is amazing to realize, that there is not much needed in order to be happy .

The day usually goes on with choosing a hike. Mostly depending on the weather, in case the peaks are cloud free, we do a peak tour. In case not then another great Levada tour. This year we were already very lucky with the peaks and amazing views over the island. Even that every hike in Madeira is special, the once where you are on top of a peak with amazing views into the island, are incomparable.

With that I hope we all get out of 2020 stronger and make the best of 2021, no matter what it will bring us. With the vaccine on the way, the hope is that the pandemic is behind us soon. Even that I think it will still go on a while longer. I once heard the saying “Usually it is not the external circumstances that keep us from making a decision, it is in us”. So no matter what, we can be happy. We only have to find our own way and go it on your terms.

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