Madeira: I was not expecting this (Bica Da Cana)

After our longer hikes in Rabaçal and Paul da Serra we wanted to do today a smaller tour on the Bica Da Cana. At least this was the plan. The hike start at a small street, in an areal that is much liked by cows. Even that we did not see cows at the Levada, the probability is there to share the Levada path with an animal.

The hike itself starts relatively unspectacular at a part of the Levada that has no water in it. But we were able to see many yellow blossoming flowers, that gave the Levada something special to it. But don’t be fooled by the flower, the plan has a lot of thorns to it. We learned that later in the day.

After 30 minutes in the hike we go to the beautiful part of the hike, which is the constant view into the Ribeira da Ponto do Sol. Hiking on the small path of the levada, you should not be afraid of heights, and looking into the mountain area all the time made the hike really special.

Usually the hike is a back and forth hike, which is fine, but we wanted to find another route on the way back. This turned out to be more challenging as we thought it would be, as Open Street Maps was showing trails that did not exist or were overgrown and the weather switch completely. The last hour of the hike we  had so thick fog that we could not see anything.

So what did we do. At the end of the Levada is a waterfall, this is usually the point where the hikes need to be returned. We did not do that. We hiked over the waterfall and wanted to shortcut over a hill back to a parallel track on the settle of the hill. Problem was that the path we saw in the map was completely overgrown with the yellow thorn flowers. So this was not the way. For that reason we needed to follow another Levada for a few kilometers until we could go back to the path we wanted to hike. Even that this searching cost us hours, at the end it was the better choice. The weather completely switched from blue cloudless sky to fog that you can not see your hand anymore in front of your eyes.

Depending on how adventures you are, you can choose the track you want to go. The real good view’s are only on the Levada itself, the hike on the settle is too far from the valley in order to see anything.

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