Madeira: Amazing hike to Caldeirão Verde

Name: Calderao Verde
Time: ~ 7 hours
Good to know: the hike was started at Faja da Nogueira, it went on over the Levada do Pico to the Caldeirao Inferno to the Caldeirão Verde. This hike was specially designed to have a full day hike to the Caldeirão Verde. There are shorter paths in place to reach Caldeirão Verde.

Where to start: junction Antes da Fajã Nogueira.

Tip: this is a point-to-point hike, this means start and end  of the hike is different. The hike includes to walk through several tunnels, for that reason bring a flashlight. The longest tunnel is 2.5 km long, crossing will take ~40 minutes.

Cost: the hike itself is for free. Only cost are for transportation.

Personal opinion: This was the best hike in Madeira. It had everything: stunning views, solitude at the beginning of the hike, adventure during the tunnel crossings and an amazing end in Calderao Verde.

If you every have the chance to visit Madeira take the time to hike to the Caldeirão Verde. There is also a shorter hike (round trip) from the car park possible.

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