Madeira: A pure nature island

Traveling to Madeira was always special, as the landing on the island is already a highlight. With the airport right next to the ocean, the landing curve is going over the cliffs of the east cape. This is every time around an experience. As the Covid-19 cases in all over Europe are rising, on the island extra measure were taken. Either way you bring a negative Covid-19 test or get tested at the airport. In case you have a negative test, you are free to go, after a short check. In case not you need to take a test at the airport and have to wait for up to 12 hours in your hotel until you get your test results.

As we wanted to be free to go, we took your test already in Germany. With that said we could leave the airport quickly and start in our forever spring adventure in Madeira. As the east coast hike is one of your favorites on Madeira we took this as your first hike. The nature in Madeira is just so stunning, no question why it is called the Hawaii of Europe.

As we wanted to social distanced as much as possible, I was on the search for a nice Airbnb in nature. I found the adorable Granny’s Farmhouse in Sao Vincente. There are cabins just in the mountains of Sao Vincente, surrounded by a large garden. The nights are so silent that I sometimes wake up and wondering if we are the only people on the planet. It is just the best place in order to forget, for a while, the overall pandemic. It is great not having TV and with that a constant reminder of what is going on in the world. I just need to be unplugged from 2020 for a while, in order to charge back up.

The best way to get connected with your body again is to go into nature. With amazing clear weather, we went on the PR17, which is a peak tour overseeing São Vicente. Just standing up this peak and not seeing any person in 5 hours, give real peace of mind. Life can be so simple and great at times. That we should never forget, we only have to one life to live. We just have to live it.