La Réunion: Unreal Black Beaches

As our plans to get to Cilaos where still blocked by the signs on the RN1 La rue est fermée, we needed to find alternative programs. One of it was to drive to Takamaka which was complete not working out. We tried two time and both time the road was either way blocked by trees or the gate was closed. As the weather close to the beach was stable, we went for a black beach hike. Which itself was a rain less but really hot (38 degree) option.

Where to go: Plage De La Marine Vincendo, Reunion or Cap Méchant, Reunion

Tip: The short hike to the beaches are steep and can be slippery, for that reason bring hiking boots. Don’t hike down to the beach only with sandals, this can get dangerous. There are several beaches hiking options available. As the black rock and sand is reflecting a lot, don’t forget to bring sun creme.

Cost: None. Parking and hiking is for free.

Personal opinion: The hikes on the beach and black rock formations where totally amazing. Just take the time and enjoy the waves of the ocean and the breaking of the waves against the interesting shapes of the black volcanic formations.

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