Italy: Why visit the Dolomites?

The Dolomites are worth visiting in all the season. Main seasons for winter sport is December to April, best season for hiking is September to October. In order to avoid the crowds try to stay away in August, as this is the summer holiday season in Europe. Let me give you some reasons why to visit the Dolomites.

The beautiful mountains

No matter which valley of the Dolomites you are choosing, all of them have beautiful mountains to offer. The pictures that follows are taken in the Val Gardena and Puster Valley.

Endless hiking options

Every valley offers a well-marked hiking system for day hikes, multi day hikes or long distant hiking. The different hikes are marked with numbers to follow, which makes it easy to get a orientation.

The italian food

The Italian food itself would make it worth to travel to Italy. From Spaghetti, over Pizza to the dessert “Kaiserschmarrn”. There is no shortage of restaurant in the region. Also, the huts in the mountains provide the traditional food that will keep no hiker hungry.

The relaxing environment

There are a lot of benches installed around the hiking paths, mostly in unique locations with an amazing view that invites to just sit for a second and breath in the amazing view.

The animals

On the hiking path it is not unusual to find cows, donkeys and wild horses which make the idyll perfect. Some home stays even have house cats that are looking for hugs.

Easy access

As a tourist guest in the Val Gardena your home stay host will provide a bus ticket for the days of your stay. This is covered with the tourist tax that need to be paid per day and person. With the bus tickets, all buses in the area can be used for free.

Reach every peak

As the Val Gardena is huge ski area in winter there are a lot of gondolas installed to reach every peak of this region. This can bring you easily to every peak and open the possibility to hike at the peak overlooking the mountains.

A world heritage site

Since 2009 the Dolomites are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are signs in nearly every area of the Dolomites which reflect that.

The accomodations

The valleys of the Dolomites have  no shortage of accommodations. The tradition once are self-catering apartments or the guesthouses with a couple of rooms and breakfast. Known for their flower boxes at the balconies. ​

The mountain huts

When in the Dolomites visiting mountain huts is a must. What is there more to ask than: sun in your face, great Italian food, or a beer/wine and the amazing view on the mountina peaks.

The clear lakes

Not only the mountains are stunning in the Dolomites also the lakes are beautiful. Clear, blue water surrounded by forest. If  hiking around or sitting in front of a lake watching ducks swim by, the nature has peaceful atmosphere to enjoy a great time.

Amazing nature

In general the Dolomites allows you to connect with nature and enjoy walks and hikes in amazing nature. In our case the leaves of the trees turned already yellow and red, which gave the environment a special touch.

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