Italy: Hikes in the Val Gardena (Dolomites)

This year we decided to do a road trip in Europe, that should lead us to Italy and Slovenia. With spending time first in Val Gardena (Dolomites in Italy), then in Bovec (Soca Valley in Slovenia), Lake Bohinj (Slovenia) and the Puster Valley (Dolomites in Italy). Before we reach the Dolomites we had a ~500 km drive ahead of us, which took us 8 hours because of driving restrictions in Austria and a massive traffic jam on the Brenner Pass. But it is all worth it when waking up the next day in the mountains with great autumn weather that invite for amazing hikes. The
Val Gardena is a valley in the Dolomites and consists out of 3 pictures towns: Selva Val Gardena (Wolkenstein), S. Christina (Santa Christina) and Ortisei (Sankt Ulrich). We stayed in the smallest of the 3 which is Santa Christina.

Seceda – 2.519 m

Our first hike in the Val Gardena lead us to the Seceda. The hike begins with 2 gondola rides that take around 15 minutes up to the Seceda, which starts in Sankt Ulrich. We were very lucky with the weather and were able to see clearly all the mountains that are surrounding this peak. We could even see the Grossglockner (Austria). After enjoying the view we hiked back down to Sankt Ulrich (~13 km, -1200 m).

Around the “Langkofel” – 3.181 m

The Langkofel is located 12 km outside of Santa Christina and can be reached with the car or with the bus. Driving to the trail head itself was already really pictures. In order to hike around the Langkofel, the majority of the hikers are taking the gondola up and walk down. In order to bet the crowds we did it the other way around. Sadly this did not help much, even that the hike was really pictures, it felt like a big ants road. (~10 km, + 760 m)

Up to the Col Raiser – 2.160 m

In order to hike at the Col Raiser, which is a beautiful alpine pasture, it is possible to hike up or take a gondola from Santa Christian. We decided to hike up to the pasture, which was at first a steep climb which got flatter the high we got. (7 km, + 600 m). The pasture itself provides a lot of hiking options, it is even possible to hike further to the Seceda.

Hiking at Resciesa

On our last day in the Val Gardena we took the Resciesa Train up to the Resciesa pasture, which is actually a small train and not a gondola that brings you up to the mountain. The pasture itself offers a lot of mostly flat hiking options, as well a nice mountain hut/restaurant overlooking the mountains.

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