Ireland: Tips


It is easy to get around in Ireland with speaking English. Old castles and ruins can be found around every corner and driving along the Wild Atlantic Way is a dream.


Ireland has a good infrastructure. The easiest way to go around is by renting a car. Direct pickup at the airport’s possible. With a car it is easier to come to the small more unknown places, because the roads to these places can’t be passed with a bus.


In order to get the “real” Irish felling try to stay in one of the many B&B’s in Ireland. In the high season (Jun, Jul, Aug) it is recommended to book ahead:


In general all the places take credit card. Be aware if you choose to stay in B&B’s, as they are private, you have to pay in cash (euro).


There are several possibilities of hiking in Ireland. If it is to some ruins at the coast line or the Cliff´s of Moher Coastal Walk, bring your hiking shoes to choose for yourself.

Travel Duration

For traveling in  South Ireland plan in around 8 to 10 days. In this time frame you can see the main attractions and touch on side paths as well.

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