Ireland: Skellig Islands (Star Wars)

The highlight of our Ireland road trip was the visit of the Skellig Island. As this was the reason in the first place to come to Ireland. Even that I was really sad that I was not able to book a landing tour to the Island, as it is always booked out in minutes months before. Sometimes it is possible to get a landing tour for 1 or 2 people, as tickets will be given back, but as we been a bigger group there was no chance to make this happens.

Where to park: at the harbor of Portmagee

Tips: it is hard to get on a boat without booking forehand. ( In case you are asking yourself why this is not looking like in the Star Wars movie, the weather is changing quickly and is very unstable. During the cruise we went from sunshine, to light and heavy rain, to hard wind back to sunshine.

Where to eat: The Moorings & Bridge Bar in Portmagee, this is the bar where Marc Hamill stayed during the filming of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Cost: Tour Around Skellig Michael is 35 Euros per Person.

Personally opinion: The cruise was really nice, the boat comes close to all islands and the boat driver explained at lot. Totally recommendable, Star Wars fan or not.

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For having a chilled start in the day we stayed the night directly in a guest house in Portmagee. As I booked the morning boat tour. After the boat tour we directly drover further to Dingle, for that reason there was no time in order to discover the area of Portmagee further. In case you have more time, stay in Portmagee for 2 nights. To be able to visited for example the Kerry Cliffs Portmagee or the Geokaun mountain and Fogher Cliffs.

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