Iceland: A dream hike in the Vatnajökull National Park

We visited the Vatnajökull National Park a couple of times. Even that the side is popular because of the easy access, as the park is big and for that reason it is not that crowded in certain places. For me the best hike in the Park was still the hike to the Skaftafell glacier, which took us over six hours. We started from the parking lot over the Hundafoss and Svartifoss waterfalls to Glacier. There we did a small picnic and then hiked even one more hour up the Glacier in order to see the whole size, before we hiked back.

Name: Skaftafell / Vatnajökull National Park
Hiking: there are several hiking options available:

– Hiking up to the Hundafoss and Svartifoss (~ 1 hour)
– from the Svartifoss it is possible to hike to the skaftafell glacier (~1 hour)
– hike from the parking slot the glacier lagoon of the Skaftafell glacier (~ 1 hour)

Good to know: parking is for free, there are also no national park entry fees.

Where to park: Svartifoss waterfall (Parking)

Tips: go there early, due to the fact that the park can be accessed easily from the ring road it is crowded.

Cost: None

Personal opinion: I would completely recommend not only to go to the park in order to see the waterfalls, take the time and hike further to the glacier. Photos can not capture how amazing the view over the glacier is and how small you will feel when you stand in front of it. It is an amazing nature side.

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