Iceland: Desert traverse of Spengisandur

Before we started our desert traverse of Spengisandur we did some preparation, which was mainly watching YouTube videos of people that got stuck on this road. Luckily the weather for us were more the great at the day of the crossing and before. Due to that the water level of the rivers were low and there was no complication at all. Please still be aware that the weather in Iceland can change quickly and with that the water level of rivers. This is a remote area, right through the island. Check the weather conditions before you start the drive. As the road is not mark off, try to drive the whole crossing during daylight.

Where to start: drive on the F26 for 240 km from Hrauneyjar to the Goðafoss or vise versa.

Tips: the drive will take the whole day – 8-10 hours – and can only be done with a 4×4 wheel drive. In general the crossing is not that technical challenging to drive for the most part. It is mainly dirt road. For us the water crossings were no problem at all because the water level was really low, and we had a day full of sunshine. But be prepared for everything and check the river before you cross.

Hidden Jams: the waterfalls Aldeyjarfoss and Hrafnabjargafoss can be found near the route F26. Access to the waterfalls get you on a really dirt road, in case it is too much just walk down.

Cost: None

Personal opinion: it was an adventure even that it was not the best highland drive we took. The 2 waterfalls at the end of the drive made the whole day.

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