Iceland: Is this even Iceland? – Látrabjarg

Our first visit at the Westfjords after leaving the ferry been the Latrabjarg bird cliff. The cliff is one of the biggest bird cliffs in the world and should not be missed. Even that it is possible to drive in the Westfjords with a none 4×4 wheel car I would not recommend doing so. The road to the cliff was graveled and bumpy.

The cliff is amazing and reminded me a lot of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. I was not expecting a cliff like this in Iceland. We were able to see a lot of birds that nested in the cliffs.

It is possible to do a hike from the parking lot along the cliff. We hiked 1 hours in each direction. The total distance of the hike is ~12 km, sadly we did not have the time to hike the whole way. Nether the less you can already have an amazing view at the cliff when hiking for 3 km. Just take the effort and do the first climb on the cliffs to be able to enjoy the view. It is totally worth it.

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