Iceland: The unreal area of Krafla (hiking in the lava field)

The volcanic lake Mývatn is a beautiful area where many things can be discovered. Due to the reach of the N1 sadly it is also a crowded place but some solitude can be found as well. We had two days in the area. The first one we started with a 30 to 60 minutes walk through Dimmuborgir, which is an unusually shaped lava fields.

Further we climbed up the Hverfjall which is a ring volcano. The climb up and the one km surrounding took us two hours. Our next stop was the geothermal spot Hverir. Which was cool but packed. As there are many tourist buses, that stop there. In case you want to go to for the non crowded option, drive to Krýsuvík which is located on the Reykjanes peninsula.

The highlight of the day was the Krafla Viti and the lava fields. In order to surround the viti plan in around one hour. Hiking through the lava fields can be done over several hiking path which are well-marked, we took the longest round and hiked for two hours.

In the Mývatn visitor center it is possible to book a day trip to Askja, which we took on your second day in the Mývatn area.

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