Iceland: The stunning Jökulsárlón lagoon

The Jökulsárlón is a unique place in Iceland and should not be missed when driving on the 1. Even that this place is popular, it will not feel that crowded because it is huge and the people will dispersed. Take some time to hike around at the edge of the lagoon. If you have the time also drive to the Fjallsárlón, which is a smaller lagoon but as beautiful.

Where to park: parking spot at Jökulsárlón, Iceland, right to the 1.

What to do: hike at the glacial lagoon and just enjoy the view. Take a boot tour on the lagoon. In the water you can see seals from time to time.

Tips: from the parking spot you can also walk to the diamond beach.

Cost: None

Personal opinion: really beautiful place. Take some time to enjoy the view and hike a bit around.

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